INVERNESS   professionals combine hands-on experience in all aspects of the transition process, including:
  •    Turnaround Advisory
  •    Reorganization & Restructuring
                 (Ch 11, Receivership, and Out of Court)
  •     Interim Management
  •    Transition Business Planning and Plan 
  •    M&A and Financing / Recapitalization
                Transaction Advisory
  •    Asset & Non-Core Business Disposition

Our clients typically range in annual revenue volume from $10 million to $500 million, and our engagements (Advisory, Restructuring / Reorganization, and Interim Management) have covered a variety of Industries, including those shown here.
John Davidson, INVERNESS' Principal, is qualified as a Chapter 11 Trustee, and has served in numerous capacities (Ch 11 Trustee, Examiner, Director, Interim CEO, CFO, Chief Restructuring Officer, Court-appointed Receiver, Custodian, and Advisor) in both out of court and in court operating cases where opportunities to preserve and create value through well-planned and well-executed strategies are targeted.
Most often, sound and achievable solutions in mid-sized public and privately-held businesses are to be found within key employees in place, and efforts are made to direct and utilize this valuable resource effectively, reducing costs and even more damaging delays.
Time after time, the quality of key staff and the knowledge within the Company of how things work, and importantly, what things don't, have played critical roles in the success of sale, exit, and recapitalization transactions we have directed for our clients.  (click here  for a representative list)

Selected Industry Experience

While we focus on the turnaround and recovery process, our experience through many engagements over more than 25+ years, has covered a variety of industries, roles, and geographies, including but not limited to those below:
  • Outdoor Leisure Products and e-retailing / Distribution
  • Telecommunications & Regional Telephony Services
  • Data Center and Hosting Technoloigies, SaaS, and Cloud Services
  • Supply Chain Management - International (Asia / Europe)
  • Packaging Design and Manufacturing - International (Asia / Eurpoe)
  • Timber Products - Pulp, Veneer, Plywood, Dimensional Lumber, Treating, and Timber Resources
  • Multi-Location Retail
  • Aluminum & Metals Production and Extrusion
  • Real Estate - Commercial and Residential Construction and Receivership Oversight / Dispositions 
  • Paper Products Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Cooperatives Management and Products Distribution
  • RV Manufacturing and Distribution 
  • Apparel Manufacturing and Distribution/Retail
  • Unconventional High-Risk Mortgage Investments - Originator Asset Dispositions
  • Beverage Bottling / Foods Processing & Distribution
  • Plastics - Manufacturing, Thermoforming, Packaging
  • FAA-Certified Private and Commercial Aircraft and Components Manufacturing
  • Home Decor / Giftware - Import, Wholesale, Retail 
  • Manufacturing and Distribution - Transportation
  • Oil & Gas Production & Refining
  • Hotel, Resort and Hospitality
  • Distribution - Transportation
  • Seafood and Beef Processing and Distribution
  • Commercial and Specialty Printing
  • Agriculture – Production, Processing, Distribution
  • Computers and Peripheral Equipment Distribution
  • Health Care / Hospital Administration
  • Consumer Durables/Furniture Mfg. & Distribution
  • Technology (Start-up, Mfg & Distribution)
  • Franchising
  • Retailing/Consumer Products
  • Nursery Production and Distribution